Rubber & Plastics Manufacturing Solutions

UD Pharma excels in crafting tailored packaging solutions for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Our innovative approach merges cutting-edge design and engineering to create transformative plastic and rubber packaging products. With a commitment to quality, we transform ideas into reality, ensuring our solutions positively impact the world. Trust us to deliver distinctive packaging that meets your unique requirements and elevates your products.


Our unique set of molding technologies refers to a collection of distinct manufacturing processes used to shape raw materials into high quality products. Our capabilities include injection molding, blow molding and rubber press molding


We enjoy a robust global presence, spanning diverse markets and regions. Our internationally recognized quality and reliability make us a preferred choice worldwide. From North to South, East to West, our products serve and elevate industries across the globe.


Our process involves ideation, rigorous research, and innovative design to create cutting-edge packaging solutions. We refine prototypes through extensive testing, ensuring quality and regulatory compliance. Production setup and meticulous quality control lead to market-ready products. Our strategic marketing and distribution efforts drive adoption, culminating in a successful commercial presence that elevates the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries


We offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for rubber & plastic products, from concept to manufacturing, quality assurance, and on-time delivery. Our expertise ensures seamless integration and efficiency, meeting diverse pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging needs. Experience hassle-free sourcing, streamlined processes, and reliable support, all under one roof, as we cater to your complete rubber & plastic product requirements.

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